"We’re certainly moving him and her in that direction, and over the course of the comic we’ll see them growing closer and closer. That will tie in pretty nicely for the season premiere."
Marc Guggenheim on Oliver and Felicity. MTV news interview deals with “Arrow” Season 2.5 comics. Lots of things that could be considered spoilers (X)
  • Oliver: You're not my employee, you're my partner.
  • Oliver's Brain: Shit, shit, shit. No, you're gonna say something stupid. Quick, change the subject.
  • Oliver: Barry's gonna wake up and when he does, you will be there.
  • Oliver's Brain: Wrong subject dumbass.
  • Felicity: I finally have a guy who's interested in me and he's struck by lightning, ends up in a coma. Typical.
  • Oliver: Well, maybe he's dreaming about you.
  • Oliver's Brain: You're the one who dreams about her idiot.
  • Oliver's Brain: God, you are so useless.
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