To Build A Life


Description: Felicity is moving to Gotham City with Ray Palmer. Will Oliver stop her? Will she listen?

This is the conclusion of my three part, “one-shot”, series. You can read Part 1, Walk Away, here  and Part 2, First, here.

***Notes the music I listened to as I wrote the story. I will warn you, I was on an Ed Sheeran kick for this one. 

***Say Something, A Great Big World

Oliver Queen faced the window of his office at Queen Consolidated, watching the busy bustle of Starling below. The late afternoon sun was still high in the sky, sending shards of light bouncing off the marble floors. Oliver closed his eyes, trying to let the sun warm his skin.  After a moment, he opened his eyes again. He felt nothing. 

After a year long battle with Ray Palmer, Oliver finally won back his company. The board reinstated him as CEO that morning. The Arrow defeated Starling’s enemies once again, and for a moment, the city was peaceful. Laurel just called to congratulate him. Sara was taking her to the south of France for training and much needed “sister bonding.”  Roy and Thea were moving into their new apartment. Diggle texted in the morning that Lyla was in labor at the hospital. For the first time ever, possibly, everything in Oliver’s life was perfect. Well…almost perfect.

After conceding Queen Consolidated to him, Ray Palmer left Starling for a job in Gotham City. Felicity went with him. Felicity was gone.

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"Is it October yet?"
The entire Olicity fandom. (via tinkershar)

“You mean a date? A date-date? Like an actual date?” 

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The Olicity tag is such a beautiful place right now.

Felicity is the love of Oliver’s life. Pass it on.


  • "love of his life" - i love when the media sets them up like this. it’d be better coming from the EPs, but I’ll take it.
  • The Date - everything we’ve heard is everything I’ve expected ever since we first heard about it. I knew he would actually ask her and I strongly suspect they’ll actually go…
"I think they’re going to get deeper and richer this season. We’re not known for treading water on our show, so things will escalate, probably faster than people expect, as always. With whom is always the question. But we feel really good about what’s happening this year. When it’s the right time to do something, we do it, and we feel like, not just with Oliver, but with all the characters, we’re really starting them off in the right place."
Andrew Kreisberg (with Comic Book Resources) answering the questions: Oliver’s love life has always been interesting. Where are his romantic relationships going this season? (via smoakandarrow)


TVF: I know Felicity will be in episode four. Can you say anything to how she’ll be involved? Are we going to touch on the romantic side of it?

GG: It will touch on the romantic side but just like Oliver can’t really be available right now to her, I can’t really either and for other reasons….