So…some of you may remember that my parents have started watching Arrow. Last time we discussed it they were only on Ep. 2. They took a break and then I harassed them so they started up again.


And they love it. Totally obsessed. Just finished ep 20. going into the final…

"Now there’s a real legitimate threat, or at least a real legitimate choice for Felicity to make. Oliver’s reaction to it and the decisions it forces him to make are the emotional crux of the episodes"
Is it Wednesday October 8th yet?! Can’t wait for Arrow Season 3 (via chaychaylovesolicity)

Felicity tracing Oliver’s scars is a thing that will totally happen, right? Good.


AU where Felicity is a computer tech whiz and Oliver walks in with keyboard trouble

AU where Oliver stumbles into Felicity’s care injured and she helps heal him

AU where Oliver is a CEO and falls for his quirky executive assistant Felicity

AU where Oliver is a superhero and Felicity is part of…


You guys. YOU GUYS.

We are eventually going to see Olicity happen. We are going to see them passionately kiss leading to scorching hot make outs. Pre-and post-coital scenes. (‘Cause it’s CW, not HBO. Sadly no smexy times.)

Imagine Oliver leaning over Felicity while she’s on her computers, chin…

"The best thing that Brandon is bringing on is humor. He has this old-style movie star quality about him, like Jimmy Stewart or Carey Grant, and it reminds us of an old 1930s movie where if Stephen is Clark Gable, Brandon is Jimmy Stewart, and Felicity is right in the middle between them."


Can’t wait! If it’s done well this could be a very good triangle (and i’m one that usually dread triangles with a passion lol)




Felicity Smoak. The greatest woman in the world.


this is sooooo awesome.